Hellenism, aesthetics and value for money is τhe main criteria by which Ellis Selections created the series of professional gifts including some of its own labeled products, and products of other Greek producers who share the same values for quality, innovation and creativity.

Aroma of Greece

Images, flavors and aromas from Greek summer.
The golden-green olive groves, the aroma
of thyme that bees, the sense of oregano
over the rustic and the intoxicating power
of the ouzo by the sea…
Greece of our heart!

Extra virgin olive oil Mani by Elli’s Food Selections, 100ml

Extra virgin olive oil from East Mani
(Laconia) produced directly from
Koroneiki variety olives using the cold
extrusion method. A basic ingredient
of the Mediterranean diet.

Oregano grated,
from the mountain Othry, 50 gr

Othrys is the Mount of Titans and the
kingdom of the mythical Achilles. Here from
its rocky and dry peaks, it is collected by
hand and dried in the sun.
The king of Greek herbs is oregano.
Its smell and taste on a Greek salad
«shouts» Greek summer.

Salt crystals
Afrina Trikalinos, 100gr

100% natural salt without additives.
Trikalinos Afrina fleur de Sel is
traditionally harvested from the
Aetolian lagoon and theits tiny crystals
give a discrete and aromatic flavor
to food.

Thyme honey
from the Dodecanese, 50gr

The aromatic thyme is considered
to be one of the best honey varieties i
n the world with a high nutritional value.
Beloved of Gods and people.

Ouzo Plomari
Isidoros Arvanitis, 50ml

The national drink of the Greeks is well
known world wide. Mytilene and more
specifically Plomari produces the most
tastefull spirits in the country. Ouzo of
Plomari Isidoros Arvanitis is his best
ambassador. Taste it plain, with water
and ice cubes and accompany it with
amazing appetizers

The Greek Super Foods

Known from antiquity, foods rich
in nutrients, such as omega-3 fat,
vitamins and trace elements.
They are the Greek super-foods!.

Black Corinthian
dried raisin, 90gr

It is also known as «black gold»
of Greece. It is a variety of small s
weets and intensely aromatized grapes
without a pit. It can be consumed as a
healthy snack or in combination with
other dried fruits and nuts.
They can also to be used in cooking,
confectionery, salads, juices
and at breakfast.

Greek shell pistachios
raw, 230 gr

Another Greek superfood product
rich in vitamins and vegetable fiber.
The raw peanut can be used in sweets
and salads but also as a snack, while the
baked is ideal to accompany drinks

Muesli with pollen
and hyper-food, 40gr

A stimulating snack, rich in vegetable
fiber. Enjoy it with milk, yogurt, juice,
add it to ice cream, fruit salad or you
can consume it plain.

Crocus (Yolk) Kozanis, 100 gr
(4 φακελάκια χ 0,25gr)

The gold of the Greek land in powder.
The famous Greek saffron is ranked in
the first category of organic saffron in the
world. A minimal amount of flavor, color
and aroma give to every food such as pasta,
rice, soups, sauces, meat and fish.

Drink with crocus Kozani sage
and lecith, 18 gr

A drink with the aromas of the Greek
land (sage, peppermint, fennel,
lemongrass, thyme, anise, rosemary
and saffron).

Greek Gourmet

Products beyond the expected
and the obvious. Inovative Greek
small producers produce excellent
gourmet creations on the basis of favorite
products of everyday life.
When creativity meets the taste.

Honey spread
with hazelnut, 50 gr

A delicious spread with honey from
flowers and freshly ground hazelnuts.
Add it to yoghurt and cereals in ice cream
and cake or pour it over in bread.

Sea Salt Flakes from Salt Odyssey,
(Natural or Oregano), 75gr

100% natural sea salt of Messologi.
Use it as a table top or at the end
of cooking.

Handmade carob cookies from the
Nictary oven in Crete, 250gr

Since the Minoan civilization, carob was
a basic source of food. Today its flavor
combined with its nutritional characteristics
has brought it back not only as an element
of the Cretan diet but also of the
Mediterranean in general.
Handmade biscuits of carrots and raisins
are a special snack.

Extra virgin olive oil Mani
by Elli’s Food Selections, 100ml

Extra virgin olive oil from East Mani
(Laconia) produced directly from Koroneiki
variety olives using the cold extrusion
method. A basic ingredient of the
Mediterranean diet

Pate of sundried tomato, 50 gr

Sour tomato paste made from pure
Greek soil with extra virgin olive oil.
Use as a dice, sandwich, cheeses,
brochettes, crackers.

Greek and Unique

If there is a product that is known as unique
Greek worldwide, this is the mastic of Chios.
This exquisite gift of nature on the wonderful island
of the Aegean is the basis for rare products that are
worth seeing and taste. Some of the products produced
by the Cooperative of the Mastic Growers of Chios
are in themselves a gift category.
The «tear» of mastic on our plate.

Greek breakfast

All the imagination of the Greek breakfast
is enclosed in a luxurious box containing
4 small glass jars with honey spread with
mastic, mandarin jam, apricot jam and
strawberry jam.

Greek Salad

A box that calls you to «Take Greece
with you». Contains 4 small glass jars
with capers, olive groves, crimson and
aromatic salt with herbs.

Pastel with honey
and Chios mastic oil, 60 gr

One of the most famous Greek traditional
pastries based on two natural ingredients.
sesame and honey. Mastic oil makes
it stand out from what you find in the whole
country. Daily healthful snack rich in energy
and nutrients.

Mastic Loukoumi, 27gr

A bite of this loukoumi is probably
the sweetest thing in the world. This Chios
mastitis (it fits everywhere) is a sweet little
exaggeration that is a must trying.

Face Mist from
Mastic water, 100ml

Face hydration spray with
mastic water. The refreshing dew
and aroma of mastic on your face
for all hours.

Herbal Mastic Liqueur, 200ml

An ideal drink to hang out a great
dinner. It is digestive and beneficial
to the stomach.

Mastic Liquer, 50 ml

An excellent dessert for every meal
or coffee. It is also being drunk as a shot,
always chilled, or even as an aperitif
with grated ice.

From our categorized list the customer has the freedom to create his own personal gift list by choosing various products from each proposed category that matches the profile of the group to which the gift is to be addressed.

The creative department of Ellis Selections can take on and design the customized packaging according to the customer’s needs and profile.