The Company

About us

Ellis Selections, offers a variety of gourmet Greek products and delicacies. At Ellis, we seek out the highest quality from all over Greece, provide exceptional culinary experiences and choose traditional ways of producing contemporary products with high nutritional value.
Ellis Selections was founded by George Christodoulakos and Spyros Nikolaou to highlight and bring to your table fine Greek products of high nutritional value. The flagship of our products is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Honeys. Our initiative derives from our love in the Mediterranean Diet and our vision to challenge the status quo and lead the way of shifting small and authentic Greek producers from bulk to branded olive oil and other products and create a more vertically integrated production structure that would increase efficiency of the sector, strengthen its marketing strategy, and consequently prove favorable for a successful branding.
We are premier producer, distributor and exporter of Greek products of excellence and we pride ourselves on our ability to source products that are unique, chic and freshly grown, reared, and produced in accordance with old Greek traditions. Local knowledge and expertise combined with an international outlook, quality and attention to detail define who we are.

Our mission

Encourage you to thrive in every aspect of your daily life starting with nutrition. We want to inspire you to eat right and accompany you as you see your vision through the Mediterranean Diet or as we like to say Hellenic Gastronomy.